• Join the class wiki by asking to become a member.
  • Remember that this is a school site and texting lingo is not acceptable.
  • Accurate mathematical abbreviations are acceptable
    • Example: . Mrs. Alder weighs 123 lbs. NOT 123 #
  • Accurate language arts abbreviations are also acceptable.
    • Example can be abbreviated as ex.
  • How to format or type your entry:
    • Choose to type and format your entry in your word processor of choice (ex. Microsoft Word
    • Copy and paste your complete entry into the discussion tab
    • Re-read the entry to ensure that your entry is complete and accurate.
    • If you like a previous entry’s format, you may copy and paste the format for your entry. You must make appropriate changes to reflect your date’s information.
  • Copying someone else's wiki won't count as your work, just their format can be copied.

The Scribe Activity:


When it is your turn to scribe the class activity you must follow the guidelines below.

Your entry must be in order with double spacing between each of the four parts below.

1) Date:

2) W-U: write the problem/problems (it does not need to be solved)

3) What happened /discussed/ presented in class (Big Ideas – not every little detail)

  • Include page number, worksheet numbers, book lesson title, problem(s) from board
  • Must provide at least one worked out problem from discussion (use notes taken in class)

4) List tonight’s homework and any class announcements

EXAMPLE SCRIBE ENTRY: Goes in the DISCUSSION section and the DATE is the subject

1) 9/6/11

2) W-U: We picked up rulers and drew number lines, then labeled -10 to 10

3) Were assigned seats, discussed homework and filled in planners, did the
Number line activity
Number line activity: we were each given a number and had to find our place on the floor number line and stand there.

4) Homework:

  1. Return parent letter rip- off with signatures Due Tomorrow
  2. WS 267 A#2-3, B#2-3, C#2-3 complete JUST those problems Due Tomorrow
  3. Request to Join Dixon11 wiki Due by 9/12/11