clean out invest and ace (not ws that was for hw or p of p ws, though)
WS 720 lesson 8.3 #3-5
WS 720 lesson 8.4 #16-32 multiples of 4 *show all work

Warm Up:

A. -4/3b + 1 = -1 2/3b + 1/6
clear fractions
*dont put the six you multiply each value by afetr the parenthasis, put it before so it does not look like an exponent
*keep fractions as fractions
*LCM is not 3, must clear all fractions
*turn mixed numbers into improper fractions

B. 9/2=5/a+12
*line up equal signs solve the proportion

We didnt go over hw

We wrote this in V/R under d:
direct variation - a special linear relationship where the yintercept is always the point of origin (0,0) and y/x=k, and k=m (slope)

ex: (3,4) write the equation
y=4/3 x
proof: (3,4) (0,0)
m=y sub 2 - y sub 1/ x sub 2 - x sub 1 =
0=4/3 (0) +b
-0 -0
*dont show this proof on tonights hw
cw: ws 720 lesson 8.3 #2 write given no work shown,
the answer is y=5x

then we started our hw

*Mrs Dixon said the will probably be a test on the Thursday we get back from break on clearing fractions