1) Warm-Up:

5(5x-3) -4x-7 = 29
5(5x) -5(3) -4x -7 = 29
25x -15 -4x -7 = 29
25x - 4x -15 -7 = 29
21x -22 = 29
21x = 51
21x = 51
_ _
21 21
x = 2 3/7

You must show distribution and use an extra step to group the variable with the other variable and the number with the other number.

In class we checked the ACE (G^3 ACE# 19-27) :

It is required to show all steps! For example:

19) 5^6 * 8^6

You have to show that the bases are multiplied and the exponents stay the same. The exponent rule for this is - When you have to multiply 2 powers that have the same bases and different exponents, you multiply the bases and keep the exponents the same.

The answer would be 4^6, but you have to show how you got that answer and cannot just solve both sides of the equal sign to see if they're equal.

Do NOT do this:

True or False?
3^8 = 9^4
40 = 40

You can't do that.
This is what you must show:

3^8 = 9^4

.. so that is true because three squared is nine, and nine to the fourth power is equal to 9^4, which is given in the problem.

For the test you have to know ALL of the eponent rules which should be on your Summary of Power Rules worksheet and a good study guide would be the Property of Powers Worksheet.

For help you can watch this guide on the rules and properties of exponents. For more guides, go to Khanacademy.org. There are 5 more videos in order after this one.


Study for test
G^3 5 ACE#32-41