Tonight's HW:
-G^3 5 ACE #19-27
-Power of Power WS #8, 11, 12 (Handed out in class today)
sorry I didn't scan it, that just popped into my head when I got home.

W-U Notes:
-Sorry I forgot to get the W-U from my spiral. :(

-When you clear fraction never get common denominator, that defeats the purpose.

-Remember to show work when working with exponents, for example, when you have (2^2)^2 you must show: 2^2*2 before you answer.

Last Night's HW:
-For the standard form, the decimal goes to the left by one each time as you go down the table of data, this is the pattern.

-When the standard form went under zero, it could've been written as a fraction or a decimal. It does not have to be written in both forms.

5.2 Review:
-What I've done so far is what we've done in class so far. (See front and back in PDF files below)