a) Solve the proportion
-6 over 7 = x-10 over 2
Put negative woth only one value, it goes best with the numerator.
You must leave x-10 in parenthesis when solving.
You must keep it as a fraction when simplifying. Never use long division, just simplify the improper fraction.

b) Power Tower 600
Mrs. Dixon would like to see the answer under the work when completed with a power tower.

Last Night's HW

WS 399 #16
If used table take note that it was 1=2, not 1+2=new.
Also could've been done as an equation with a let statement.
After solved for x, you must then solve for the second season. (required)

WS 717 #5

To have the right given, you must draw the picture no matter what. However you can either label the given of the measure of angle one and two, or you could've written it out.

To solve:
Group then combine like terms
x over 2 and x are combined to 3 over two x. 1x + 1half x = 3 over 2 x.
remember to multiply by the recriprocol and then docf
for this type of problem a sentence is not required.

HW Tonight:
G^3 5 ACE #50
Finish 5.2 B and C ONLY